About Global Tactics

Perspective is the ultimate advantage. It opens our minds. It reveals what others don't see. Global Tactics turns perspective into opportunity.

Global Tactics is a results-driven advisory firm that helps our clients understand how the world is changing, and how that creates opportunities to be seized and risks to be managed.


We work with corporations and non-governmental organizations navigate the increasingly complex global environment, to analyze political and economic developments, and understand country-specific regulations and business practices.

We evaluate market readiness, barriers of entry, and strategic alignment between business operations and product development.

We help our clients position themselves to be market leaders by developing cost-effective, research-based growth-oriented strategies.

We assist our clients to implement comprehensive DEIA programs to ensure their organization is achieving a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workspace.

We also provide actionable insights and solutions to help businesses on their path of greater sustainability, which include achieving key metrics established in their environment, social, and governance (ESG) strategy.

Through GT Resilience, we help our clients recover from or adjust to misfortune or change and ensure readiness against future natural or human-caused disasters. Moreover, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and develop effective risk mitigation strategies to protect against the actions of sophisticated bad actors.

Our advisory services include utilizing proprietary technology in data analytics to help our clients make intelligent operational and strategic decisions.

We deliver results for our clients by bringing together global teams of professionals, each having unique functional, sector, and/or geographic expertise.

Through GT's Speaker Bureau, our professionals offer tailored presentation and speaking engagements for conferences, meetings, and other professional events in person or virtually.

Success is defined by helping business leaders make informed decisions to maximize success and minimize risk. Providing relevant, real-time information is our key advantage.

Contact us to learn how we help our clients put it all together.