What we do


Whether it is deciding which Latin American country will provide the best operating environment for a logistics business, evaluating differing regional advantages, standards, languages, cultural differences, and levels of economic development in India, predicting which cities in China will emerge in the coming years to have the most favorable income levels and socio-demographics for a specific consumer product or identifying opportunities to develop e-commerce solutions in Africa, we can help.

Global Tactics specializes in strategic planning and business development in a complex global economy. Our consultants evaluate market readiness, barriers of entry, and strategic alignment between business operations and product development. We provide the building blocks for, and catalyzes every stage of our clients' business growth, from incorporation to IPO.

We create a custom approach tailored to each client’s unique situation and bring extensive business and sector experience with tested analytical techniques. As experienced advisors, Global Tactics helps you answer:


  • How can I seize growth opportunities and competitive advantage?

  • What are the appropriate revenue, profitability and sustainability targets for my business?

  • How can I better anticipate and adapt to digital transformation?

  • Can I use an M&A strategy as an accelerant to achieve profitable growth goals?

  • When is a divestiture best for my long-term value?

  • How can I build and secure liquidity, managing the impact of disruption between finance and operations?

  • How can I win the competition for capital?

In the public sector, we advise national and local governments to promote comparative advantages to attract foreign direct investment to stimulate private sector development. We also work with government leaders to achieve sustainable development goals. And we communicate investment opportunities to prospective investors while creating public-private partnerships.

With respect to civil society, we help nongovernmental organizations articulate the value proposition of their service, which includes identifying key performance indicators as measurements of success.

Global Tactics utilizes effective data analytics solutions to help our clients make intelligent operational and strategic decisions.

• Global strategy development including identify market entry strategies and explore opportunities for your business
• Identify threats to your business and develop risk mitigation strategies.
• Business and operational restructuring.
• Leadership development including board of directors training.
• Prepare your organization against all hazards and potential interruptions through a customized business disaster resilience plan.
• Human resources consulting to better utilize and manage your company's most valuable resource, your staff.
• Implement effective sales and marketing strategies including website development, search engine optimization, and social media engagement.
• Develop programs to ensure that your company is achieving a truly diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workspace.
• Provide actionable insights and solutions to help your business on its path of greater. sustainability including achieving key metrics established in your company's environment, social, and governance strategy.
• Customer Segments: Blockchain, climate tech, cloud services, digital health, EdTech, e-Government services, enterprise SaaS, fintech, IoT, professional services, retail and e-commerce supply chain management.

• Advise governments to promote comparative national advantages to attract foreign direct investment to stimulate private sector development• Sector-level planning to improve competitiveness of economic sectors
• Create public-private partnerships and communicate investment opportunities to prospective investors
• Use capabilities in systems engineering, lifecycle logistics, cybersecurity, data and analytics, and machine learning to solve complex problems for public sector clients

• Facilitate strategic planning to build a strong foundation for your nonprofit organization
• Prepare a comprehensitve major gifts strategy and effective donor stewardship strategies
• Help your organization articulate the value proposition of services including identifying key performance indicators as a measurement of success
• Leadership coaching to enhance the effectiveness of your leadership teams through improved collaboration and decision-making
• Utilize data analytics solutions in key organizational areas including development, marketing, human resources, accounting and budgeting
RESILIENCE• Risk and vulnerability assessments in critical areas that can cause disruption and losses to your business
• Create a plan for your business to quickly adapt to disruptions while maintaining continuous business operations
• Develop processes to help your business respond to a crisis effectively and emerge stronger

CYBERSECURITY• Risk and vulnerability assessments on critical IT systems
• Cybersecurity compliance
• Cyber incident response
• Security awareness and training services

RESEARCH• Monitor economic and geopolitical developments
• Provide high-value support through discrete deliverables and products such as publicly-released thought leadership research and internal insights to inform business and strategic decision-making
• Consumer research including developing and executing primary research methods such as online, social media, market surveys, focus groups and face-to-face interviews to collect and measure demand and preferences

GLOBAL CLINIC FOR CEOs• Provide customized insights for chief executives and senior business leaders who are explorning new strategic markets
• Teach participants on how to identify and mitigate risks that may negatively impact a firm's operational performance or financial results
• Understand how data analytics can fascilate the making of informed decisions that impact their organization's strategic direction
• Prepare executives to handle the challenges of organizational transformation while delivering on long- and short-term results

SILICON VALLEY FORUM• The SVF fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in Silicon Valley and throughout the world through events, programs, and conferences
• The SVF functions as a center of knowledge and connections, covering everything from the latest tech trends to the startup and investment ecosystem
• SVF's activities are aimed to educate, train, inspire, and connect technologists, entrepreneurs, corporates, and investors

Empower your company with specialist knowledge. Our professional team can brief at board, regional and local levels, and can be booked for virtual and in-person events, internal training or decision-making meetings.

• Inspect, clean, transform, model and use data to inform decision-making