Business Resilience

Did you know that...
  • a small business can experience an average of $3,000 in losses for every day it is closed?
  • a medium-sized business can average $23,000 in losses per day?
  • a large company can have losses averaging $93,000-$700,000 in losses per hour?

Disruption is inevitable. How will you react?

The world is experiencing a level of disruption and business risk not seen in generations. Some companies freeze and fail, while others innovate, advance, and even thrive. The difference is resilience.

GT Resilience is Global Tactics' strategic approach to help you build a flexible operating model that can adapt through disruption. Our consultants work with your business in developing the processes and adaptability you need to respond to a crisis effectively and emerge stronger.

Every business, no matter what type or how large, consists of six critical assets: People, Data, Operations, Inventory, Equipment, and Buildings. These are the building blocks of every business that, if taken away, would cause disruption and potentially catastrophic losses.

Understanding what your critical assets are will assist you in identifying where your business is vulnerable to interruption.

GT Resilience also performs comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and develop effective risk mitigation strategies to protect your business against the actions of sophisiticated bad actors.

Contact us to learn how we can help your company ensure readiness against future natural or human-caused disasters.